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   I took my wife's M Coupe into my shop to replace the rear shocks with Bilstein Sports.  The Bently manual (thickest one I've ever seen, but maybe the least helpful) just says remove the side panels in the luggage compartment to access the upper shock mount, with no guidance.  Well I figured out how to get the luggage tie downs out (a bit of a "head scratcher') and removed the plasitc rivet so the right panel was loose, but it goes up under the plastic frame at the bottom of the window, as well as back behind the plastic panel behind the seats that has the rear speaker in it.  That panel is held in by the holder/receptacle for the luggge cover.  Looks like I'd have to dismantle the whole rear of the interior to get that out.


   Tried to pull the side panel out, but I did not want to force it and break it or the plastic panels that it goes behind.  Can it be pulled out, or do I really have to dismantle the whole rear interior just to change the shocks??? 


                                                Travis Payne

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Try this link - great detail with lots of pictures

I have to replace mine as well 57,000 miles on an 2000 M Coupe





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